10 Creative Ideas For Stronger Passwords

Passwords are the bane of the average technology user. As applications begin requiring stronger passwords they become harder to remember. Hard to remember passwords generally get scribbled down somewhere, stuffed under the keyboard, or stored in a plain text file on the desktop. What good is a strong password if someone finds your hidden scrawlings?

The key is creating a strong password which is easily remembered! But what makes a strong password?

A strong password is measured in entropy. This is a measurement of how hard it would be to crack a password with brute forcing software or to outright guess it. There are a number of elements to measure entropy but the most important element is length. You see, the longer a password is the harder it is to guess or brute force. A longer easy to remember password can be harder to crack than a shorter complex password chocked full of symbols, upper/lower case letters, and numbers. Ideally, a strong password will be a good mixture of both length, numbers/symbols, and upper/lower case letters.

Let’s take a look at 10 creative examples of strong (and long) easy to remember passwords. Use these passwords to generate your own unique password ideas.

1.) Tongue twister password

This is a new take on classic tongue twisters. Take a tongue twister you can remember and tweak the details. It’s important to tweak the details because common place sayings or rhymes are often guessed by dictionary attacks. These are massive files fed in to a cracking program which contain a list of commonly used passwords and sayings.

For example…

“Susy sold seashells by the seashore” becomes “Adam sold apples by the airport”


Just like magic you created a 26 character password that’s easy to remember and hard to guess by a computer. You could get more creative by adding a memorable year to the end.

2.) I will never password

Think of something you know you will never do again and make it your password. For example “I will never bite in to frozen blueberries again!”


3.) First love password

Everyone remembers their first love. It is small sayings like these that are easy to remember and hard to guess! Don’t let your S.O. see this one!

“My first love will always be Grace”


4.) Favorite movie quote password

“Gandalf said you shall not pass!”


5.) The directions password

Think of how you would give someone directions from your house to the main street (or another place close by.)

“Take a left then a right then go straight”


6.) The dog password

“I always call my dog by his name fido”


7.) Pet peeve password

Always easy to remember a pet peeve!

“Why do boneheads never use their blinker?”


8.) Ingredients password

Think of the ingredients to your favorite dish or cocktail.

“1 box of noodles and 1 package of powdered cheese”


9.) Spoiler password

Spoil the end of your favorite movie.

“Bruce Willis was dead the entire time!”


10.) I hate passwords password

Pronounce your timeless hatred for passwords!

“Why must passwords be so long and hard to remember?”



This should get those creative juices flowing. Next time you need ideas for passwords remember this list!



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